Heartland Dental Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To be a world class company and the leader in dentistry.

Our Mission:

To support dentists and their teams as they deliver the highest quality dental care and experiences to the communities they serve while providing exceptional careers and creating value for our stakeholders.

Registration Changes

We have exciting news on how to register for courses starting in Q3 and beyond. “Classroom” has been launched inside Homeroom to register for all Heartland classes going forward. Please visit Homeroom on the Heartland Intranet and navigate to “classroom” to find all available courses offered. Should you have any questions please contact the Education dept. at home office.

As Q2 is rapidly approaching, we are still evaluating many of the training and education programs to determine how they can be more user friendly, effective and measurable. This re-engineering of courses will ensure they are ideal for you and for the company as a whole. With that said, the following courses have been cancelled for Q1 and Q2 2017 and will not be continued as scheduled.  More information will be shared as the new education programs are made available and as decisions on how to bring you these courses come about.

Programs Being Reengineered




Hygiene Diamonds



Power of One

I & R Programs


TTT/ATTT (Doctor and team)

HO Mastery/Customer Service


HO Power of One

Hygiene Continuums

March Admin Meeting (St. Louis)

Denovo OM training

Building Leaders 

Program Flyers

Team & Administrator Resources


Heartland Event Request Form  



All event/workshop requests should now be placed through Homeroom.  This can happen in 4 easy steps! 


  • Go to Homeroom
  • In the Menu, select Classroom Tools
  • Choose Event or Workshop Request
  • Fill out the Survey Request

Upcoming Events

Sorry...there are currently no events listed.
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